Tri-Air Developments Ltd

A Revolution in Air and Surface Decontamination Tri-Air is a revolutionary decontamination technology which kills viruses and bacteria in the air and on a range of surfaces while being safe to people and animals.  The patented technology works by creating the natural biocidal activity of outside air indoors, through the creation of a continual cascade … Continue reading “Tri-Air Developments Ltd”

Development of English Housing Survey Digital Pen System

Case study: Further applications for the digital pen system. Client: Communities and Local Government (CLG) Challenge: The EHCS paper form based methodology had been used for over 20 years. During this period some other surveys had moved over to electronic data capture with varying degrees of success. The ODPM (now CLG) commissioned BRE to review a … Continue reading “Development of English Housing Survey Digital Pen System”

Electro Conductive Concrete Ltd (ECCL) Case study Innovation

The first Radar Absorption Material (RAM) using concrete. ECCL, in partnership with the Building Research Establishment (BRE), a world leader in research into new building innovation, has developed the first Radar Absorption Material (RAM) using concrete. The shielding of electromagnetic interference is currently achieved by creating a Faraday Cage effect by building a room of … Continue reading “Electro Conductive Concrete Ltd (ECCL) Case study Innovation”

Technik Wall Case Study

Prefabricated facade monowall system Technik Wall is a prefabricated facade solution that incorporates the rainscreen cladding, insulation and interior wall finish as an all-in-one monowall system. This highly cost effective system has superb thermal performance and can be finished with virtually any outer facade finish. The core benefits are: Outstanding thermal performance: Achieves low U … Continue reading “Technik Wall Case Study”