Testing, measuring, monitoring and improving the quality of indoor environments.

The positive impacts of good quality air, lighting and comfort on the health, wellbeing and productivity of building users are now well established. We help building developers, owners, manager and occupants to ensure that their buildings and communities, not only meet regulatory requirements, but are also places in which people want to live, work and spend time.

Air quality

As well as being beneficial to health and comfort, good air quality has the potential to enhance performance at work, learning in educational establishments and healing in healthcare settings. We test and monitor indoor air quality, and identify and advise on dealing with problems such as VOCs, radon, odours and outdoor pollutants.


Our experts offer guidance on effectively ventilating buildings of all types. This provides users with ‘fresh’ uncontaminated outdoor air, while improving energy efficiency and complying with Building Regulations (Approved Document F) and environmental certification schemes such as BREEAM.


Successful lighting has the right balance of natural and energy-efficient electric lighting, with integrated control systems that complement the building design and support business activities. Our experienced lighting experts and first-class facilities, provide professional consultancy, analysis and advice on all aspects of electric and natural lighting.

Thermal comfort

We assess and monitor indoor spaces to investigate the thermal comfort of occupants. Where buildings are found to be overheating, we offer a range of services from monitoring and inspections, to expert witness services.


We carry out the monitoring of noise levels inside and outside of buildings. Our services range from advice on commercial and domestic buildings and environmental impact assessments, to technical advice on product development and the design of whole building systems.

Post-occupancy evaluation

Ensuring that buildings perform as planned can have an important impact on running costs, staff and client well-being and business efficiency. We offer a variety of post-occupancy evaluation methods, which provides feedback on a building’s performance in use, and can be tailored to your individual needs.

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