BRE has extensive expertise and facilties for the testing of heat pumps.

Product certification tests

Our UKAS accredited laboratories for testing heat pumps are capable of determining the thermal performance of your product in accordance with BS EN 14511 and BS EN 14825, precisely and efficiently. BRE can assist in recognising your product by providing the right accredited tests for a range of UK and European incentive schemes, such as:

Our environmental chambers can handle products with varies capacities, including air-to-water heat pumps, water-to-water heat pumps and ground source heat pumps. Moreover, we can measure the sound power emission of M&E products including heat pumps, fans and MVHR within the BRE environmental chambers.

Bespoke experimental testing

BRE also has well-established experience in developing experimental facilities and bespoke tests for the innovative products in the heat pump industry. BRE can provide you with a bespoke testing service that fulfils your needs via precisely controlled and calibrated environmental chambers to a vast range of test conditions.

Witness heat pump installation and testing

Our experts will analyse and feedback your tests with you, and they can also carry out in-house testing, witness heat pump testing.

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