BRE has extensive, world class laboratory facilities for acoustic research and testing.

Sound transmission suites

Our multi-function, UKAS accredited sound transmission suites determine the sound insulation performance of many construction products including walls, partitions, windows, doors, trickle ventilators, floor constructions and downlights (in accordance with Robust Details Appendix F).

We can measure the sound power emission of M&E products such as MVHR, fans (inlet, outlet, casing radiated) and air source heat pumps within the BRE environmental chambers.

BRE’s UKAS accredited sound transmission suites benefit from large access doors and overhead cranes, both within the test suites and outside. The transmission suites also have the capability to pre-condition products, when required, and we are able to offer a wide range of standard sized openings in order to minimise construction costs.

Anechoic chamber

BRE’s anechoic chamber determines the sound output from the fire, smoke and CO alarms. The anechoic chamber may also be used for measuring the sound power of small, domestic appliances (typically up to 1m3) and also loudspeaker directivity. The chamber benefits from integrated uni-stru supports, permanent turntable support and wide access doors.

Bespoke experimental facilities

BRE also has a well established capability to develop experimental facilities and bespoke test set-ups to meet the specific requirements of customer testing and research.

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