An essential element in the development of BRE Global’s standards is open consultation with interested parties from outside BRE.

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BREEAM In-Use International

This consultation has now closed. Thank you to all those who have participated. The draft standard is available for review along with a summary document of the proposed changes. The feedback and comments on the proposed changes from BREEAM In-Use Users is important as we seek to broaden BREEAM without increasing it’s complexity, making it more accessible and transparent.

The BREEAM In-Use update takes place at a particularly crucial time. The urgency of addressing the sustainability of our communities and buildings – particularly existing buildings – continues to grow. The BREEAM team are committed to ensuring that BREEAM continues to use the best research and science to set the standard and operate a certification program that delivers value and gives investors, owners and operators the information they need to make better decisions, manage risk and to communicate performance transparently.

We welcome feedback from all clients, users, assessors and stakeholders, and need your support to make the new version the best it can be. With so many sustainability, ESG & resilience challenges facing the real estate market right now, this is the perfect time to be involved! We look forward to hearing from you!

LPS 1276 – Requirements for the LPCB certification and listing of above ground suction tanks for sprinkler systems

This Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1276 specifies the requirements for the LPCB certification of above ground suction tanks for use in automatic sprinkler systems. The tanks are required to act as the water supply source for automatic fire sprinkler protection systems in the event of a system activation. This standard addresses the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the tank for use as part of an automatic fire sprinkler system.

The consultation for LP 1276 has now closed.  Thank you to all those who have submitted comments.

BPS 7014 Standard for Modular Systems for Dwellings

This BRE Product Standard (BPS) 7014 has been developed to provide a route to certification for offsite/modular construction for use as residential buildings.

The Standard sets out performance requirements in a number of technical areas. Some of the requirements are mandatory, such as for fire and structural performance, and are required to demonstrate regulatory compliance. Other performance assessments are voluntary. The requirements have been subject to detailed consultation with the Advanced Manufacturing of Homes Buildings and Infrastructure (AMHBI) project consortium and other industry stakeholders.

The consultation for BPS 7014 Standard for Modular Systems for Dwellings has now closed. Thank you to everyone who has participated by submitting comments.

Standards in mental health design

Draft Design Guidance – Consultation
Design Guide for products installed and used within buildings and facilities used for the care of mental health – test methods and performance categorisation criteria.

This first draft of the Design Guide aims to create a means of evaluating products so that fair comparisons can be made, validated and verified.

One of the issues faced by those sourcing products for the mental health environment is understanding the product’s suitability. This document provides testing methodologies for materials, fixtures and hardware that have been specifically designed for use within mental healthcare facilities. It aims to help staff better understand the risks still present in products and create better risk management procedures.

The consultation for Standards in mental health design has now closed. Thank you to everyone who has participated by submitting comments.

Read the draft DIMHN Design Guide

CEEQUAL Version 6

A sustainability performance standard against which civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects in the UK and internationally can be assessed for a CEEQUAL rating.

CEEQUAL Version 6 is the first stage of bringing CEEQUAL into the BREEAM family of schemes. Within this version the primary focus has been on integrating CEEQUAL questions from Version 5 into the BREEAM structure.

This document is a draft technical manual and is intended for use by trained and qualified CEEQUAL Assessors and Verifiers in accordance with the procedural and operational requirements of CEEQUAL to rate an infrastructure project.

The consultation for CEEQUAL Version 6 has now closed and the resulting standard can be downloaded here. Thank you to everyone who has participated by submitting comments.

LPS 1175 Issue 8.0.

Requirements and testing procedures for the LPCB certification and listing of intruder resistant building components, strongpoints, security enclosures and free-standing barriers.

The purpose of this standard is to evaluate the resistance to unauthorised access offered by physical security products.

The standard defines the level of security provided by a product according to the tools and time likely to be used by a criminal. Specifiers can therefore select products/systems that provide levels of security matching their needs.

The consultation has now closed and the resulting standard can be downloaded here. Thank you to everyone who has participated by submitting comments.