As well as contributing to building regulations and managing codes and standards for government, our teams develop our own standards in partnership with external experts and industry.  We do this to help ensure that products or service perform as they should, and to support the introduction of new and unproven technologies.

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Loss Prevention Standards (LPS)

The internationally respected LPS suite of standards give confidence that fire safety products and services will deliver effective fire prevention, detection, alarm and suppression, and that security systems will give protection against criminal intrusion and terrorist attack.  They cover:

Environmental standards

The demand for greater sustainability has generated a large market for ‘green’ products, some of which come with dubious sustainability claims. Our environmental standards demonstrate that products and services genuinely achieve the sustainability benefits they claim. These include:

BREEAM – a trusted benchmark of sustainability around the world, BREEAM sets standards for buildings, communities and infrastructure in a very broad range of sustainability issues in nine categories: Energy, Waste, Water, Materials, Health and Wellbeing, Transport, Pollution, Land Use & Ecology, and Management.

Responsible sourcing – our framework standard – BES 6001 – ensures that construction products have been responsibly and ethically sourced throughout the supply chain.

Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard (ELS) – The Ethical Labour Sourcing Standard, BES 6002, enables you to demonstrate to customers, partners and other stakeholders, your company’s commitment to eliminating any possibility of trafficking or modern slavery in your supply chain.

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) – when an innovative product is developed, there may be no accepted industry standard to verify its performance. ETV schemes, such as that run by BRE Global, provide performance verification on which customers and investors can rely.