We provide third-party assessment and certification to ISO 45001:2018 of your organisation’s health and safety procedures.

The importance of occupational health and safety is clearly demonstrated by HSE statistics, which show that in the UK in 2006/7 some thirty million working days were lost due to work related health and safety issues.

Health and safety – poor performance can not only means loss of revenue, but also potential loss of reputation, loss of license to trade, lost business and extra costs. In some instances it can lead to huge financial fines or custodial sentences. Good health and safety performance, on the other hand, can reduce costs and gives companies a competitive edge.

ISO 45001:2018 is a specification that helps to fully integrate health and safety into company policies and working practices. This in turn helps to identify risks, engage staff and continuously improve their processes and systems. It also signals to architects, clients, insurers and specifiers that your company takes health and safety responsibilities seriously.

Other management systems – such as ISO 9001 Quality management and ISO 14001 Environment, are compatible with ISO 45001:2018. We offer third-party approval to all three standards, and can provide an integrated service to companies wanting approval to two or more of them

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