With our extensive experience, knowledge and ongoing research in building materials, components and products, we can advise you on specifying those that are fit for purpose, durable, reliable, sustainable and safe.

We also develop standards and methodologies for the assessing and certifying of building products and services, lists of which are available to help you select those best suited to your needs on issues such as:

Fire safety – rigorously tested and certified to the relevant standards, the fire resisting products, fire detection and alarm systems and installers approved by LPCB and listed in RedBook will give you confidence that the fire risk in your building has been effectively managed.

Security – RedBook listed security products – such as physical barriers, electronic detection and surveillance systems, safes and computer protection equipment – provide assurance that the security systems in your building will provide the required protection.

Sustainability – listings of  building materials and components that have been assessed in terms of their environmental impact across their entire life cycle – from ‘cradle to grave’ – are presented in Green Guide Online. This reliable information will help those designing, constructing and managing buildings to reduce their environmental impacts.

GreenBookLive – a free online database for specifiers and end users. It brings together listings from a number of organisations to deliver comprehensive information on green products and services, some approved to stringent environmental requirements and others based on information provided by other reputable bodies.

Responsible sourcing – we assess products against our Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products Standard (BES 6001), to ensure that they have not, for example, been manufactured in ways that damage the environment or unfairly exploit the workforce. These are listed in GreenBookLive.

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