Housing Health Cost Calculator (HHCC)

Quantifying and demonstrating the health-cost benefits of housing improvements

The Housing Health Cost Calculator (HHCC) is a tool for calculating the health costs of hazards in homes, and the savings made where these have been mitigated or significantly reduced. HHCC has been developed in partnership with RHE (https://www.rheglobal.com/)  well known in the field of environmental health.

HHCC is one of a number of tools that we have developed to provide local authorities with the information they need to drive up public health standards and reduce costs. It details the cost savings to the NHS and wider society gained by both enforcement and  improvement strategies – and allows these to be authoritatively demonstrated.

To view the tool click on HHCC www.housinghealthcosts.org and follow the instructions provided:

  • The calculator will use your information to automatically produce an HHSRS (Housing Health and Safety Rating System) score – this is a hazard rating derived by assessing the effect of dwelling defects on occupiers, and is used to enforce minimum housing standards under Housing Act 2004.
  • The tool will also store your data and allow you to retrieve it at any time, free of charge.
  • For subscribers, health cost data will be provided for any or all hazards mitigated for a 12 month period.

A number of authorities have  used this methodology to carry out retrospective health-cost benefit analyses of hazards mitigated by their intervention, including Bristol, Derby, Liverpool, Plymouth, Great Yarmouth and 4NW (Northwest Region).

Rob Rylott Derby City Council Team Leader Housing Standards said “Thanks very much, I will be doing a Cabinet Members report and one for our Health and Well Being Board so hopefully our profile as a team will be raised”.

Liverpool City Council for example, won first place in The Public Protection Achievement category of the Municipal Journal Local Government Achievement Awards 2011. The Liverpool team had been sort-listed for The MJ award previously and Programme manager, Phil Hatcher, put the 2011 victory down to HHCC derived data – ‘This is a complex project and it now has the evidence base to demonstrate its outcomes,’ he said.

The  service is  available for local authorities and can be used by  other housing bodies. Data entered by other housing bodies will not contribute to private sector totals but will enable housing associations to measure their contribution to health.

For more information about the Housing Health Cost Calculator

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