We help central and local government to assess the condition and performance of their housing, and to develop the most efficient and cost effective repair, maintenance and improvement strategies.

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Having been closely involved in national housing surveys for more than 40 years, we have access to an extraordinary range of data, and wide experience of surveying and statistically modelling housing stocks. This allows us to provide services to:

Local government – for example, a local authority is periodically expected to review the condition of its housing stock to inform the housing strategy and corporate plan.  We can provide a clear picture of that housing stock – including its location, condition, improvement potential, and those who own and manage it – thereby providing a service that not only benefits the local authority but also contributes to the public good.

In addition, our energy modelling service can determine current energy efficiency and carbon emission levels.  A series of ‘What if?’ scenarios can be modelled to see how carbon emissions from housing can be reduced. For example, ‘What if … the heating systems were changed? … the fabric was insulated? … renewable energy technologies were installed?’ and so on until the package of improvement measures with the greatest savings is identified.

Central government – we can examine the practicalities, costs and impacts of proposed housing strategies on government targets. This could include establishing the level and locations of a particular problem – such as fuel poverty – and the actions most likely to effectively tackle that problem.

Social housing providers – we can provide the information they need to assess their repair, maintenance and improvement plans. For example, how will installing cavity wall insulation cut energy use and reduce bills for their tenants?

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