Our expert teams will guide you through the wide ranging issues involved in designing innovative, sustainable buildings and other developments, which successfully meet client, user and regulatory needs.

These issues include:

Materials – based on their experience and ongoing research, our experts can advise you on selecting building materials, both traditional and innovative, and on their performance and sustainability.

Whole life costing – we have detailed data on building durability and experience of diverse building projects that enables us to produce optimal life cycle performance solutions, backed by life cycle costs.

Fire safety and security – we advise on fire safety and security design solutions for minimising risk (without impairing the appearance and performance of the building), and on selecting the most appropriate fire and security products.

Intelligent building technologies – we offer design advice on the effective use of assisted living technologies, telecare and remote monitoring systems.

Energy – our experts will help you to design, construct and manage energy efficient, well-insulated, airtight and appropriately ventilated buildings, and optimise the use of renewable energy. We can help you to achieve better Energy Performance Certificate ratings. We also conduct energy modelling to determine the effects of building design changes on thermal performance.

Lighting – our advice covers daylighting issues such as site layout, rights to light and window design, and electric lighting and control systems.

Acoustics – we advise designers on providing high quality building acoustics (in schools for example) and reducing transport noise, and carry out environmental noise surveys and assessments.

Climate change impacts – our experts in extreme climate impacts will advise you on flood management and mitigation, and on designing for higher wind speeds and overheating.

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