Our experts will help your management team to pinpoint where time and material waste is occurring in the construction process, using hard data obtained from measuring site performance. This can lead to shorter delivery times, lower construction costs and reduced environmental impacts.

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Performance measurement issues we help with include:


The impact of building design on the efficiency of the construction process.

New products & systems

The effective use of new products for meeting sustainability standards in new buildings, or improving existing buildings, and the influence of the supply chain on integrating innovative systems with more traditional construction products and methods.

Sustainability requirements

The affects of requirements stipulated, for example by BREEAM.

Energy and water use

Monitoring energy and water use and carbon emissions, and making targeted improvements based on the data collected.

Waste materials

Identifying and measuring waste for use in site waste management plans and for making targeted improvements to reduce waste.

Data management

Company specific web-based data management tools for analysing data from specific projects, and benchmarking performance across a company and with industry.

Site monitoring and measurement tools

Our suite of web-based site measurement tools, for use on any type and size of project, include:


A site efficiency and productivity measurement tool that diagnoses and quantifies ‘waste’ in man hours of non-added-value time. It identifies who is carrying out work on site and what they are doing, and where, when and for how long. Activity sampling determines the efficiency of the process and identifies delays and other non-added value activities.