There are many aspects of the service life of your building that we can assess, monitor and improve, for example:

Post-occupancy evaluation – the key measure of a building’s success is how much people like it. Is it comfortable, healthy, safe, accessible and easy to operate? This has become even more important with the rise of intelligent and renewable energy technologies. Our post-occupancy evaluations give feedback on the success of your development, which can inform future projects.

Safety and security – we can carry out, or train you to carry out, fire risk assessments, and advise on improving fire safety and security measures.

Energy – our advice can help you improve the energy performance of your buildings, reducing their carbon footprints and improve their Energy Performance Certificate ratings.

Air quality assessments – in homes, offices, industrial buildings, and on brownfield sites and in vehicles (such as aircraft, trains and automobiles), we can identify and measure air pollutants and their sources, establish their levels in respect of regulations, standards and health risks, and advise on reducing or eliminating them.

Building investigations – when things go wrong with a building, we can investigate the problem and provide cost effective solutions, in all types of buildings and civil engineering structures.

Expert witness – construction disputes and technical difficulties often require expert witness assistance, particularly in civil litigation and technical arbitration. Our experts provide an independent insight into the interactions between materials and the environments they are placed in, as well as the associated manufacturing and construction processes.

BREEAM In-Use – this BREEAM scheme helps building and facilities managers to evaluate the environmental performance of existing buildings and take the most effective action to improve it, reducing energy and other costs.

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