Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP 10)

This site hosts documents and information relating to version 10 of the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP 10).

Please note that versions 10.0 and 10.1 of SAP must not be used for any official purpose.

SAP 2012 must continue to be used for Building Regulation compliance and for producing Energy Performance Certificates until further notice.

SAP 10.1 has been published to coincide with the publication of the Government’s Future Homes Standard consultation, which discusses proposed changes to Building Regulations Approved Document L1, making reference to SAP. We anticipate there will be a further update to SAP (to version 10.2) following this consultation, prior to its official use. Any future updates will be added to this webpage.

The SAP 10.1 specification document can be downloaded from the link below.

A software implementation of SAP 10.1 is available here.



SAP 10.1 specification (08/11/2019)

Briefing note on primary energy factors used in SAP 10.1 (01/10/2019)

BR443 (2019) – Conventions for U-value calculations (consultation version)

SAP 10.0 specification (24/07/2018) [superseded]