Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP 10)

This site hosts documents and information relating to version 10 of the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP 10).

Please note that version 10.0 of SAP must not be used for any official purpose.

SAP 2012 must continue to be used for Building Regulation compliance and for producing Energy Performance Certificates until further notice.

SAP 10.0 has been published to allow readers to compare it to SAP 2012 and understand the methodological changes made ahead of any future official use. As such it is not a consultation version, however any comments can be directed to The method will need some changes in preparation for its eventual use, e.g. following the Part L consultation expected to take place during 2019.

The SAP 10.0 specification document can be downloaded from the link below. Updates and any supporting documents relating to this version of SAP will be added to this page in future.

A software implementation of SAP 10.0 has also been developed – please click here to try it.



SAP 10.0 specification (24/07/2018)

List of changes from SAP 2012 to SAP 10