SABRE Online Registration


The first step in conducting a SABRE Online Assessment is to register your Organisation.

Purchasing a Licence

In order to complete the registration of your organisation, you need to purchase a licence. The cost of the licence is dependent on the number of facilities you wish to assess and manage using SABRE Online (Refer to Fee Sheet FS090). For your convenience, you can either purchase a licence online using a credit/debit card or request an invoice from BRE Global and pay via bank transfer.

Account Owner

Part of the registration is to set up the principle user and owner of the account. This user is referred to as the Account Owner. The Account Owner will have access to all portfolios and facilities registered under the organisation and will have the authority to manage all other users. The Account Owner will also have access to the organisation's administration and reporting functions that are not available to other users. The Account Owner can create, edit and delete portfolios. Each of these portfolios must consist of at least one facility.

Portfolio Managers

Each portfolio can be assigned to a portfolio manager. Portfolio managers can either assign themselves to complete SABRE Online assessments or assign others to complete this task. Portfolio managers will only have access to the data relating to the facilities in their portfolio.

Assessment Managers

This is the SABRE Online user responsible for conducting the SABRE Online assessments for a facility. These users can be granted permission to input, edit and review the results of their own facility assessments only.

Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions below and press Accept to continue to the registration form.

Note: Licences requested before 28th February 2019 will commence on 1st March 2019, however the customer will receive the period between the Licence request and 28th February 2019 at no additional cost. For example, a 2-year Licence requested on 10th December 2018 will expire on 28th February 2021.