SABRE Online

SABRE Online is a security risk management tool for the self-assessment of existing facilities. It can be used to assess any number of facilities from a single asset through to a global portfolio.

Users of the tool are able to determine the likely performance of their facilities against the requirements of the SABRE standard, and compare performance across their estate. Assessment of each facility results in an indicative SABRE Score and SABRE Rating. Together with the built in reporting function, this helps asset owners and managers to:

  • Better target future investment by identifying potential improvements at specific facilities or across the wider portfolio, which can be scheduled and monitored within the tool itself.
  • Evidence to internal and external stakeholders the results of self-assessment.
  • Monitor performance over time of both facilities and assessment managers.

Asset owners have the option to take their best performing assets through to SABRE certification, with the assistance of a SABRE Registered Assessor.

Key Features
Cloud-based, accessible anywhere
Assessment made easy
Intelligent reporting
Improvement activity tracking
Global view for portfolio management
Integrated best practice & guidance

Step-by-Step Overview

The first step to using the SABRE Online platform is to register for an account, or if you have already registered, logging in using the username and password provided. You will be greeted by your homepage where you can see and edit information about your organisation. The next step is to populate the platform with the facilities you want assess.

Once your organisation is set up in SABRE Online, the account owner can then begin to add the facilities to be assessed against the SABRE standard. You will be asked to enter key information about each facility, and have the option to arrange your facilities into groups (or portfolios). How you sort your facilities is up to you. Once your facilities are set up, the account owner can add and invite assessment managers and set which facilities they will be able to assess.

Your facilities have been set up, now you’re nearly ready to begin self-assessment. First, you will need to assign assessment managers (the individuals who will perform the self-assessments of your facilities). These people can be invited or manually added to your account, and each will receive their own set of login credentials. You can set permissions for each assessment manager to control which facilities and assessments they are able to see and edit in the online dashboard.

Now that your assessment managers have been assigned permissions, they can begin to carry out self-assessments of your facilities. The first setup is to enter some basic information about the assessment, following which the assessment manager will be guided through the scheme technical criteria, and asked to provided ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers to a series of questions. Assessment managers are able to return to questions later on, and record notes to back up their answers. Upon completing the self-assessment, the assessment manager can review the results and export them to a print-friendly PDF.

Once multiple facilities have been assessed, it is possible to export the results for single portfolio, or for the entirety of the organisation’s assets. This enables you to see the average performance and identify which facilities are performing above and below average. This can assist with budget and resource allocation,  enabling you to target improvement at the facilities which need it most.

SABRE Online allows assessment managers to plan improvement activity for each facility they assess to assist them in continually improving the self-assessment result. Tasks can be scheduled using the simple calendar entry tool, and improvement activity can be reviewed at a facility or portfolio level. Assessment managers are also able to enter information relating to how their responses could be evidenced should the facility be put forward for SABRE certification.

SABRE Certification enables you to communicate your achievements both inside and outside of your organisation. To proceed to certification, you should contact a SABRE Registered Assessor who will review your self-assessment, discuss the results and check evidence against scheme requirements. Certified facilities are listed on

Licence Packages and Fees

A variety of licence packages are available to suit every user. These range from a single facility user licence up to a customisable multi-facility user licence, with each licence available with a 1, 2 or 3 year duration.

For further information refer to the SABRE Online fee sheet (FS090), available in the Downloads section of this website.