Gillian Charlesworth

As BRE Group’s Chief Executive, Gillian is responsible for the organisation’s strategy and performance. She works closely with BRE Trustees and the Group Board to define our purpose, vision and long-term goals. Before joining BRE Group, Gillian was an Executive Director at RICS, where she held a number of roles covering assurance and enforcement of … Continue reading “Gillian Charlesworth”

Jamie Robertson

Firstly, I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to undertake an electrical apprenticeship at BRE. There is a very diverse range of work, and this will give me good experience in all areas of electrical installation and maintenance. I’ve felt welcomed and looked after since the day I started, and this has given … Continue reading “Jamie Robertson”

Connor McIntosh

For my first 6 months on the Graduate Scheme I was based in the Fire Safety Engineering team. Having studied Neuroscience and Forensic Science in Scotland, this post was the ideal stepping stone between a largely scientific background and the vast array of work BRE do surrounding fire. I have been involved in a great … Continue reading “Connor McIntosh”

Helen Davies

Reflecting on my first placements on the graduate scheme at BRE brings these words to mind: dynamic, fast-paced, varied and stimulating. In coming to BRE straight from completing my Environmental Science degree, my first few months were full of learning, meeting people and enjoying having essential input into the many projects that were happening in … Continue reading “Helen Davies”

Anna Walsh

As with everything, the BRE Graduate Scheme experience is what you make it. The scheme offers a variety of placements that provide insight into the range of expert work that goes on here. During my first placement I learned about responsible sourcing and environmental profiling of construction products; I was quickly responsible for managing my … Continue reading “Anna Walsh”

Dan Skidmore

I particularly enjoy the diverse nature of the work undertaken at BRE. My first placement was within the Housing & Energy Team, where I was able to work on large projects that were based all over the UK. Working within this team allowed me to witness the amount of logistical planning that goes into large … Continue reading “Dan Skidmore”

Farah Syed

My passion is for the built environment and how it impacts on not only the environment, but also on people. My first placement in BREEAM was great at drawing upon those interests in that I was given the opportunity to conduct research on this very subject, with the view of potentially feeding into future BREEAM … Continue reading “Farah Syed”

Sean Taylor

Working for BRE has provided me with the opportunity to get involved in some fascinating areas of work, all whilst expanding my knowledge, refining my skillset and kick-starting my career. Before coming to BRE, I graduated from the University of Sheffield with a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering. This set me up well … Continue reading “Sean Taylor”

Sam Turner

The Graduate Scheme gives you a holistic oversight of the business. To have the opportunity to be introduced and adapt to four separate work areas is a good way to learn about the organisation, and ultimately will help you to develop both personally and professionally. I am currently in my fourth and final placement so … Continue reading “Sam Turner”

Matt Barker

My time at BRE has allowed me to understand the workings of many areas of the business and gain skills I had no experience in before. Every placement has been completely different and I have had the chance to tailor my placements to the areas of the business that I have been interested in working … Continue reading “Matt Barker”