SABRE is a way of impartially measuring and evaluating the security of a building or infrastructure facility, against a range of potential threats. It awards an independent security risk management ratinga SABRE Assurance Rating.

SABRE identifies security risks and the actions that can be taken to combat them. It also measures the effectiveness of security improvements and evaluates these against related costs. This information helps owners and managers to make effective security decisions, and investors and tenants to reliably judge the security of a facility.

SABRE certification can be obtained for existing buildings and infrastructure, or during the procurement of new facilities. Interim assessment and certification is also possible at key milestones.

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If you are planning new facilities –

A SABRE certificate for a new facility shows potential investors, tenants and other stakeholders that security has been considered from the earliest stages of the development. And adopting a security minded approach to planning and design, means that security risks can be removed or reduced at lower cost using integrated solutions.

If you want to improve existing facilities –

Once a facility is occupied there are still many opportunities to reduce security risks, even without further capital expenditure. SABRE provides a robust security risk management system template, and also enables performance to be measured and benchmarked and improvements to be demonstrated.

Assessing security risks highlights vulnerable areas that should be prioritised for investment, and equally, areas where resources are currently being wasted.