Clients use CEEQUAL because it helps drive sustainability and performance across civil engineering projects of all types and enables validation of this performance against an internationally recognised benchmark.

With more than 15 years of operational experience, CEEQUAL is the sustainability assessment tool of choice for industry professionals. Applicable to all types of civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects and contracts, CEEQUAL’s rigorous, evidence-based assessment criteria, and external verification, provides a result that can be communicated publicly. Further, integration of CEEQUAL in the development of projects can positively influence design and construction management, often facilitating significantly better outcomes. CEEQUAL therefore provides value by helping clients drive and verify sustainability performance.

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What our clients say


“It is very good for the industry and profession to have challenging tools like CEEQUAL available to us to test out and measure our performance. I want to thank CEEQUAL for all its work in developing the assessment scheme for the use and benefit of civil engineering and society.”

Sir John Armitt CBE (Chairman of the 2012 Olympic Delivery Authority)

“CEEQUAL not only covers environmental aspects, but broadens out into the wider sustainability agenda. The whole project team develops a good team ethos and makes you more competitive between contracts.”

Nigel Sagar (Senior Sustainability Manager, Skanska)

“Using CEEQUAL has been instrumental in driving performance forward and sets the bar for other contractors we used to follow. CEEQUAL is now a mature tool and Version 5 raises that bar even higher.”

Mike de Silva (Sustainability Manager, Crossrail)

“CEEQUAL ensured that sustainability was an important design consideration from the outset. Design decisions took into account sustainability outcomes, and additional sustainability opportunities were sought and considered at key points.”

Ann Cousins (Sustainability Consultant, Arup)

The Business Case for CEEQUAL

Drive standards on your project and contracts

CEEQUAL enables significant improvements to your projects and contracts through adoption of best practice including whole-life costing, waste minimisation, resource efficiency (materials, water, energy), responses to predicted climate change effects, as well as project management and reduction of complaints and environmental incidents. CEEQUAL helps clients to identify opportunities for enhancement and act on them.

Improve your reputation

CEEQUAL enables you to demonstrate your commitment to the sustainability agenda, and provides public recognition of your work to clients, to the industry as a whole, to stakeholders and to the general public. By demonstration delivery of environmental, sustainability and/or corporate social responsibility policies, you can build reputation and achieve good PR.

Cost savings

CEEQUAL helps embed sustainable practices from early in a project’s life, influencing decision making and encouraging efficiency and value engineering. Through design changes, reduced resource consumption and waste, and alternative material choices, major cost savings can be achieved. Indeed, projects have reported savings ranging from £30,000 to £5 million.


Enhance your team's performance

By providing encouragement for your team to deliver high performance, CEEQUAL helps develop a positive performance attitude, encouraging cohesiveness and teamwork across project teams.  CEEQUAL also improve project management, by providing a systematic approach to tracking management activities and associated sustainability effects within an overall framework of best sustainability practice. This helps you to get the best out of your team.


Support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

On 1 January 2016, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted by world leaders in 2015, came into force. The 17 SDGs apply to all countries with the aim to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all by 2030 as part of a new sustainable development agenda. To achieve the SDGs, all aspects of society, from government to the private sector to the general public, will need to play their part. The construction and property sector has an essential role in delivering the SDGs and their associated targets, given the significant economic, environmental and social impacts and benefits associated with construction products, buildings and infrastructure throughout their lifecycles. As part of the the family of BREEAM standards, CEEQUAL enables significant contributions towards meeting the SDGs. Download our infographic to see where CEEQUAL and the rest of the BREEAM standards supports each of the 17 SDGs.

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CEEQUAL works with a number of organisations establishing partnerships that promote sustainability internationally and at a local level.  Click here to learn more about who we work with and who can use CEEQUAL.

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