CEEQUAL is the world’s leading sustainability assessment scheme for civil engineering. We are passionate about improving quality in the industry and thrive on helping you to deliver more sustainable engineering projects.

We do so by incentivizing clients to adopt environmental, economic and social best practice in their projects and encouraging them to consider sustainability at the most appropriate times.


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Why is civil engineering so important?


CEEQUAL exists to help drive sustainability and standards across civil engineering projects but why do we care so much? Civil engineering provides infrastructure on which we all depend, and shapes and influences the environment in which we live, for the benefit of society. It aims to enhance quality of life in the communities it serves. Indeed, modern life as we know it is only possible because of the infrastructure provided by engineering clients, designers and contractors.

Many projects intrinsically improve both environmental quality and human well-being: from water & waste-water treatment plants and sewerage schemes, to city metros and railway projects. From land contamination remediation schemes and flood alleviation, to works in public spaces including pedestrianisations, enhancements of public spaces and refurbishment of parks. These are the civil engineering works that mould both our social and environmental landscapes. Further, the proper maintenance and improvement of infrastructure through effective work under Term Contracts is vital to its sustainable management and its continued capacity to serve society. In short, sustainable civil engineering is vital to shaping our environments.

What is CEEQUAL’s role in sustainable civil engineering?


Despite substantial improvements in sustainable engineering over recent years, some of them prompted by CEEQUAL, civil engineering and public works are still often perceived as having as having detrimental environmental effects, a perception that rings true when civil engineering is not managed effectively. There remains substantial pressure to provide more sustainable civil engineering and reduce adverse environmental impacts during construction, to improve whole-life performance and to maximise the benefits of such works. Schemes not built to exacting environmental and social performance standards, or that use environmentally or socially intrusive and damaging construction processes, risk alienating communities and bringing the whole construction process and industry into disrepute. The importance of sustainable engineering projects has therefore never been greater.

The CEEQUAL methodology seeks to address these issues and to encourage sustainable civil engineering to improve the sustainability performance of infrastructure, landscaping projects and contracts, and works in public spaces. In short, CEEQUAL helps achieve sustainable engineering projects. It does so by providing an incentive to clients, designers and contractors to undertake projects that:

  • Are demonstrably contributing to more sustainable living;
  • Are adopting best environmental, economic and social practice to drive sustainable civil engineering standards;
  • Are therefore delivering more sustainable engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and
    public realm works

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