Launched in 1990, BREEAM is the world’s first and foremost sustainability standard and rating system for the built environment. With BREEAM and CEEQUAL it is possible to address sustainability issues specific to any built asset in any location.  

The 2015 RICS report, ‘Going for Green’, found BREEAM has an 80% market share across Europe for sustainable building certification. CEEQUAL, originally launched in September 2003 by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), joined BRE in November 2015, operating alongside BREEAM. The CEEQUAL International Manual is applicable for the assessment of civil engineering, infrastructure, landscaping and public realm projects anywhere in the world.  

The aviation, rail and public transport industries are embracing sustainability and have begun to consider the social, environmental and climate impacts of their businesses. These different modes of transport have their own unique challenges, but all typically experience a high number of users and a complex network of operations and logistics. 

To ensure that sustainability has been considered throughout their network, these industries are turning to BREEAM and CEEQUAL certification for their major transport hubs and associated connecting infrastructure.

BREEAM is an internationally recognised standard and helped us create an efficient – both in terms of cost and operations – environmentally friendly and comfortable airport building for both our travellers and the airlines.

– Henri Hansson, Technical Director, Finavia

BREEAM And CEEQUAL On The Move Finavia

The tenets of CEEQUAL have been integral throughout the design, construction and operation of the guided busway. The compilation of evidence for the submission has served as an educational tool, it has enabled project team members to reflect on success and failures and highlight where environmental record keeping needs to be improved. On future projects it is envisaged that greater reference will be made to CEEQUAL evaluation criteria which will ultimately improve the environmental credentials of future project’s design and construction.

– Transport for Greater Manchester

BREEAM Director, Dr Shamir Ghumra provides insight on how BREEAM and CEEQUAL have helped city and town planners deliver better, and more sustainable, transport systems for their communities. Read the full publication here.

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