BRE Group response to Future Homes Standard consultation

In order to tackle our climate challenge, we must capitalise on consumers’ desire for more sustainable, safe, quality homes and a changing market where the financial sector are playing a key role. Policy should have a clear minimum, but equally encourage innovation to go above and beyond, bringing new technologies and techniques. It should look … Continue reading “BRE Group response to Future Homes Standard consultation”

QUANTUM: Closing the Performance Gap in Building Services

The four-year EU-funded research project QUANTUM investigated how the performance gap in increasingly complex buildings can be reduced with a series of pragmatic tools and services. QUANTUM set out to develop a ‘standardised commissioning process’ throughout the building’s lifecycle. A key emphasis was the importance of an independent verification of systems on behalf of the … Continue reading “QUANTUM: Closing the Performance Gap in Building Services”

BRE welcomes green housing revolution

The new green standard announced by the Housing Secretary this week, aimed at tackling climate change whilst keeping household bills low, is welcomed by BRE. Gillian Charlesworth, Chief Executive of BRE Group said: “We share Government’s ambition to increase the supply of green, environmentally friendly homes that people want in their local communities. With the … Continue reading “BRE welcomes green housing revolution”