BRE prides itself on its core values, one of which is being collaborative. Being collaborative means that we seek to engage partners to further to improve knowledge and further the BRE Trusts charitable aims of “building a better world together”.

BRE has a number of different commercial partnerships opportunities for businesses who share BRE’s goals, aims and ethics. Please see below for partnership models.

For more information about commercial partnership opportunities

To find out more, contact Lee Porter, Partnerships Manager, at

Marketing Affiliate

Affiliate Marketing allows for BRE’s products and services to be accessed through out partners websites. A partner will advertise various BRE products and service and should a customer click through and purchase a BRE product, the partner will be paid a reward or finder’s fee. The method of advertising is at the partners discretion; however, advertising may be on a website, in marketing emails, in email to a membership organisation. BRE Affiliate Rewards are calculated and paid on a quarterly basis. This partnership model allows a BRE Partner to truly maximise their BRE Affiliate Rewards, by driving traffic to adverts of BRE’s products and services through the affiliate scheme.

BRE Academy Host

The BRE Academy delivers is training programmes across the globe using a number of delivery partners. If your organisation has facilities that can be used to host BRE Academy training courses, we would be interested in hearing from you. BRE seeks hosts who are already involved within the built environment and infrastructure sectors, however, may consider businesses outside of such depending on their location and other partnership arrangements in the locality/territory. As a BRE Academy Host, we require you to provide the training facilities, catering, refreshments and a level of marketing. BRE Academy Hosts are paid differing rates depending on the number of delegates that have attended any given course, the course location and the programme being delivered.

SmartSite Introducer

BRE SmartSite provides software for better site safety, health, environmental, efficiency and quality performance. Becoming a BRE SmartSite Reseller for YellowJacket, SmartWaste involves generating sales leads for the aforementioned products and services. Should a lead convert into a sale, BRE will Reward the SmartSite Resller with a commission of sale.

Other Partnerships

Typically, BRE prefer to first engage new partners using the aforementioned models, however, may consider entering into other types of relationships with new partners should there be market demand for such. Other partnership models include Reseller and Franchise type relationships for varying business groups. If you are interested in Reselling, licencing or Franchising with BRE please do contact us providing information relating to your interests.

To find out more, contact Lee Porter, Partnerships Manager, at