Energy for Offices

NABERS Energy measures the efficiency of an office building and rates its performance. The energy rating works by comparing the energy consumption of a building against a set of benchmarks that have been developed using actual data.

NABERS Energy rates the base building performance. This includes central services like heating and cooling systems, lifts and lobby lighting, allowing office buildings to be compared based on how the central services are being run to provide a comfortable working environment for users.

There are two official documents which explain in detail how ratings are to be calculated. These are an important reference for Accredited Assessors.

NABERS UK The Rules - Energy for Offices


NABERS UK The Rules - Metering and Consumption


Benefits of a NABERS Energy rating


NABERS Energy ratings form the basis of a robust sustainability strategy. They provide a fair benchmark for a building’s energy efficiency, enabling comparison across the industry.

Validate and communicate

NABERS provides cost-effective, high-trust and independent validation of energy data, ensuring confidence in reporting it publicly and communicating it simply.

Track and improve

NABERS star ratings are an essential framework for annual reporting and sustainability strategies. With annual ratings, performance improvements and reduced energy and emissions can be delivered over time.

Competitive edge

Having a building that has a lower environmental impact, lower running costs and being able to communicate that simply and with confidence gives building owners the competitive advantage with prospective investors and occupiers.

How to get a NABERS Energy rating

To get a NABERS Energy rating you need an Accredited Assessor to undertake an assessment of your building.

An accreditation pathway including training and assessment is currently being developed and the first Accredited Assessors will receive accreditation in mid 2021.

Contact details for Accredited Assessors will be provided here once they are available.

In the meantime, please email if you would like to register your interest in a NABERS Energy rating for your building.

Estimate your NABERS rating

Two calculators are available for you to explore what star rating your building could achieve; a simple calculator and a reverse calculator. These are available in a single download below.

  • Use the simple calculator to get an idea of the NABERS rating your building may be able to achieve. Input building details and energy consumption data to generate a star rating.
  • Use the reverse calculator to estimate maximum energy use for a given star rating. Enter a target rating plus building details, energy consumption types and proportions. This will generate maximum allowable energy consumption.

Results are an indication only and may not be promoted or published.

Download both calculators here and select a tab.

NABERS UK is administered by BRE and overseen by NABERS as scheme owner on behalf of the New South Wales (NSW) Government in Australia.

For information on pricing please see our pricing page.

Useful downloads

NABERS UK Reverse and Simple Calculators


NABERS UK The Rules - Energy for Offices


NABERS UK The Rules - Metering and Consumption