NABERS UK is a simple, reliable system for rating the energy efficiency of office buildings across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Like the efficiency star ratings that you get on your fridge or washing machine, NABERS provides a rating from one to six stars for offices.

This helps building owners to understand their building’s performance versus other similar buildings, providing a benchmark for progress.

NABERS UK offers two products:

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Unlike design-based energy ratings, NABERS UK measures and rates the actual energy use of offices, helping building owners to accurately track and communicate the energy performance of their buildings. It also helps identify areas for savings and improvements.


NABERS UK is run by BRE who have recently been confirmed as scheme administrator.

NABERS UK is administered by BRE, who is responsible for the day to day operations of the scheme. The strategic operations of NABERS UK are overseen by a steering committee comprising BRE, the Better Buildings Partnership and NABERS, as scheme owner on behalf of Australia’s New South Wales Government.

The Better Buildings Partnership has been an integral partner in the development of NABERS UK and acts as scheme ambassador to support its uptake and success.


NABERS UK is an adaptation of the highly successful rating programme NABERS that operates in Australia. Launched in 1999, NABERS is widely considered to be a world leading environmental performance rating tool for commercial buildings.

The work required to adapt and deliver NABERS for the UK was pioneered by the Better Buildings Partnership via its Design for Performance initiative, in partnership with NABERS.

The initiative was focussed on building market interest and demand, identifying and establishing a UK scheme administrator (now BRE) and creating the technical infrastructure to ensure the scheme is appropriate for the UK. This technical work was delivered by Verco and Delta Q.

The initiative was funded by the following major project developers:

As a result of its crucial role in making NABERS UK a reality, the Better Buildings Partnership continues to act as an ambassador for NABERS UK and plays a key role in the ongoing governance of the scheme.

Future Development

NABERS UK currently rates the energy performance of offices only. However, in Australia NABERS ratings are used to understand and track the performance of office tenancies, apartment buildings, data centres, shopping centres, public hospitals and hotels.

The types of ratings also extend beyond energy and cover water, waste, indoor environmental quality and carbon neutrality.

We hope to expand the scope and offering of the scheme in time. Firstly, continuing the work on offices by assessing the opportunity to offer whole building and tenancy energy ratings.

Following that, we are keen to hear from users of the scheme on how the expansion of NABERS UK ratings to other areas can support their needs.