reAqua Grey Water Recycling

A reAqua grey water recovery system collects waste water from the first floor bathroom’s shower, bath and basin and treats the water so it can be used for toilet flushing. Heat is recovered from the waste water and used to pre-heat the water in the hot water cylinder. How does it work? A revised plumbing … Continue reading “reAqua Grey Water Recycling”

Spotmix Concrete

The concrete used in the foundation pads for the Resource Efficient House was mixed and poured on site, to reduce wastage. The concrete uses recycled local aggregates, to reduce consumption of virgin materials. How does it work? The company’s volumetric trucks carry all the fresh materials to make concrete, and it is mixed on-site. A … Continue reading “Spotmix Concrete”

Reclaimed Timber Flooring

The wooden floor in the main living area of the Resource Efficient House was reclaimed by Wilson’s Yard. The floor was previously used in a sports hall. How does it work? Wilson’s Yard reclaim timber with a range of previous uses, including parquet flooring, plank and strip flooring and industrial timber floors. These are then … Continue reading “Reclaimed Timber Flooring”

Photovoltaic Solar Glass

This PV sheeting is installed on the balcony roof. This material produces electricity for use in the home. The transparent material provides shelter whilst allowing UV light to filter through, enabling plants to be grown on the balcony. How does it work? The Photovoltaic Solar Glass is a Building Integrated Transparent Photovoltaic (BIPV) product. It … Continue reading “Photovoltaic Solar Glass”