Vortice Eco 3 RF Heat Recovery Unit

The unit warms incoming fresh air using heat from air exhausted from the building, and circulates it to the rooms through a ductwork system

How does it work?

The unit has a counter-flow heat exchanger by which the unit uses approximately 95% of the heat of the air that is blown out, to heat up the fresh air from outside. Each unit has a unique mechanism to prevent the unit from freezing. The unit also incorporates a summer bypass valve, so that when the user selects a cooler temperature it bypasses the fresh incoming air away from the heat exchanger to provide unheated fresh air.

Some key benefits

  • Energy-saving DC motors heat exchanger construction, results in 95% temperature efficiency
  • High supply of air temperature ensures no draught into dwelling and guarantees a constant supply of fresh air.
  • The two filters are designed to be easily removed

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