BRE Watford Innovation Park Partners

Our partners include architects, designers, developers and product suppliers from across industry, sharing a common goal to improve the built environment.

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The Princes Foundation

The Prince’s Foundation teaches and demonstrates sustainable development placing community engagement at the heart of our work.

The environment within which people live affects the way they live. We believe that sustainably planned, built and maintained communities improve the quality of life of everyone who’s part of them. They help us to both live better at a local level and start dealing with the broader global challenges of urbanisation and climate change. By actively and passionately promoting traditional principles, as well as understanding the importance of building in a more sustainable way, we’ve seen a resurgence in striving for easily achieved improvements in public health, and affordable, livelier and safer streets and communities.

Our goal is a future where all of us can take part in making our communities more sustainable. We’re working with everyone from local residents’ groups to governments to make it happen.

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