Encore cistern

How does it work? The Encore cistern works in exactly the same way as a traditional cistern with the exception that is has an extra filling connection to allow a separate water source to be introduced (from the air conditioning unit). Some key benefits first to use air-conditioning condensate to deliver free flushing water This … Continue reading “Encore cistern”

reAqua Grey Water Recycling

A reAqua grey water recovery system collects waste water from the first floor bathroom’s shower, bath and basin and treats the water so it can be used for toilet flushing. Heat is recovered from the waste water and used to pre-heat the water in the hot water cylinder. How does it work? A revised plumbing … Continue reading “reAqua Grey Water Recycling”


The playground area has a BASF Elastopave paving solution, which when combined with local aggregates creates a smooth, porous surface as an alternative to concrete or tar. How does it work? Local aggregates are added to the Elastopave polyurethane binder to create a porous but strong surface. Key Benefits Porous to allow water to soak … Continue reading “Elastopave”

Cross Laminated Timber Wall

ravenscraig-visitorCross Laminated Timber (CLT) has been used to create an internal feature wall within the Visitor Centre. CLT is an engineered timber product with good structural properties and low environmental impact (where sustainably sourced timber is used). It can provide dry, fast onsite construction, with good potential for airtightness and a robust wall and floor … Continue reading “Cross Laminated Timber Wall”

Greenline Boards

Greenline Lining Boards from Fermacell absorb and neutralise volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air. This improves the air quality in a building, improving the working and living environment. How does it work? When the board is manufactured the panel surfaces are coated with keratin which enables harmful substances to be embedded in its molecular … Continue reading “Greenline Boards”


PaperStone® countertops are comprised of 100% post-consumer recycled paper. They are certified by both FSC® and the Rainforest Alliance® How does it work? PaperStone® is made from FSC® certified Recycled and FSC® certified Mix post-consumer recycled paper that has been saturated with proprietary phenolic resins and selected natural pigments. Once trimmed to the desired length, … Continue reading “PaperStone”

Durisol Blocks

Durisol ICF blocks (R-12) are made of cement mixed with recycled wood fibres. The hollow blocks are used for building and have a cement mix poured into them. The cement can include slag or fly ash as a filter. How does it work? Durisol blocks are made from a proprietary cement-bonded wood fiber material that … Continue reading “Durisol Blocks”

Wood Pellet Burning Stove

Heating within the large open plan, double height living space is provided by a wood pellet burning stove by MCZ. How does it work? A revised plumbing setup takes all the waste water from baths and showers in a property and redirects it through a reAqua filtration unit to treat it with a disinfectant. The … Continue reading “Wood Pellet Burning Stove”


The Val-U-Therm panel system results in an airtight building envelope, using polyurethane insulation to fill timber cassettes. As it is manufactured in a factory quality controlled environment, it minimises waste and provides a cost effective solution. How does it work? Val-U-Therm is based on timber frame construction. It provides a fabric first solution for a … Continue reading “Val-U-Therm”

TimberTech Decking

TimberTech’s composite material is made from a variety of cellulose materials and polythene. These materials would otherwise be hard to recycle but through the manufacturing process all contaminants are removed, so the decking can be fully recycled at the end of life. How does it work? TimberTech’s composite material is made from a variety of … Continue reading “TimberTech Decking”