We work to enhance the security of buildings, and reduce the risk and fear of crime in towns and communities.

Security products and services approved by LPCB and listed in the RedBook play a very important role in protecting people and property against crime.

Correctly specifying approved building security systems and products, and using design and management strategies to reduce crime, terrorist attacks and anti-social behaviour are among the issues we can help you with, through the services described below.


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LPCB BRE Attack Testing LPS 1175

The correct specification of security products and systems is critical in protecting people and property from losses associated with crime and terrorism. Watch LPCB’s security attack testing video, which illustrates what security products are put through to reach LPS 1175 certification.

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Product specification

Our LPCB team is vastly experienced in the certification of building security systems and products.

We work closely with insurers, government, police and manufacturers to ensure that LPCB approved products are rigorously assessed to evaluate their resistance to attack and their ability to operate reliably. Listed in the RedBook of approved products and services, they include physical building security products and barriers, electronic detection and surveillance systems, safes and computer protection equipment.

More about security product specification