BRE Academy’s BIM Level 2 training programme has been developed and is delivered by BRE’s technical experts, who are active in standards committees and have a wealth of practical experience. Our training is aimed at the whole supply chain, including: clients, product manufacturers, building designers and construction teams.

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BDP sees the BIM Essentials online training course as an important step along our BIM journey. By providing a flexible learning platform that addresses the UK BIM Level 2 mandate and associated processes we will raise awareness and knowledge across a wider staff base, moving past software training and ensure job runner have skills necessary to address BIM Level 2 and beyond.

Alistair Kell — Director of Information and Technology, BDP

BIM Training and Certification

BIM Level 2 training with the BRE Academy
The BRE Academy has worked closely with some of the UK’s leading BIM experts to develop a comprehensive BIM Level 2 Training and Certification pathway. It helps construction professionals to develop the necessary skills to gain the opportunities presented by BIM and gain a recognised qualification in this field.

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BRE Academy online courses
The BRE Academy’s extensive online courses are designed to meet the wide ranging needs of construction professionals, whether they are looking for just a basic knowledge or wanting to develop their careers in this area.
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BIM Level 2 Certification

Business Systems Certification
BRE BIM Level 2 Certification enables you to prove your company’s BIM capabilities and achieve BIM recognition in the industry. It assesses your ability to use advanced 3D modelling tools and have the necessary standards, methods, procedures, skilled staff and infrastructure in place.
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BIM Certification for individuals
We have developed a scheme for individuals that offers two certification pathways from which to choose depending on your needs. Certification will give customers the confidence that your services are going deliver what they need and expect.
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