BRE has been involved in the following research projects undertaken through either the BRE Trust, Innovate UK, Horizon 2020 etc. which facilitated this understanding:

  • BreCOBie – An online tool to facilitate Construction Operations Building information exchange (COBie).
  • RegBIM – Research into BIM regulation checking including BREEAM through Open BIM Data
  • Cloud for Coordination – A BIM Object based common data environment solution sharing through multiple clouds
  • BIM Objects Standards – Shape, Attributes and Naming definitions for BIM Objects
  • BRE Templater – BIM dictionary for objects, products and assets to facilitate consistent data delivery.
  • Facilitating the release of geographical and built asset data. Feasibility requirements for the
  • Development of IFC for Infrastructure and Geographical objects.
  • BAMB – H2020 project for Buildings as Material Banks
  • Espresso – H2020 project Smart City Ecosystem

BRE is keen to engage with Industry and Academic Partners providing BIM Expertise in undertaking research projects impacting the BIM Arena.

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