Why carry out a pre-assessment?

Businesses planning to apply for BRE Global ISO 19650-2 Certification may wish to consider having a pre-assessment (or Gap Analysis) prior to their document submission and initial audit. Whilst the pre-assessment is not a formal requirement of the business system certification process, it can potentially shorten resource time associated with compliance by confirming early on the applicant’s readiness and identify any gaps or misunderstandings.

Some businesses will already have a good knowledge level relating to ISO 19650-2 Information Management processes and have company and project specific documentation to support this. They also may have certification to ISO 9001 or other management systems and consider that they are ready for the audit of their documentation, systems, staff and procedures as part of the ISO 19650-2 certification.  However, in practice some businesses can be under-prepared resulting in additional work, cost and delays in achieving certification. A pre-assessment can help by identifying issues such as:

  • Misunderstanding of some requirements within the standards;
  • Attempting to meet a requirement that does not apply to the organisation;
  • Missing processes & procedures as defined within the standards;
  • A lack of implementation of processes and procedures;
  • Project implementation not matching documented policies and procedures.


To arrange a pre-assessment, please contact BIM@bregroup.com  

What is involved in a pre-assessment?

Pre-assessments are carried out by a BRE BIM professional with relevant industry experience who understands the technical implications for the differing company types working within the AEC sector.

Pre-assessments involve an on-site visit, during which a review will be undertaken of your businesses’ role within the Information Management process and the required BIM documentation, information standards, information production methods and procedures. It will aim to identify any weaknesses, gaps or misunderstanding and determine if business documentation have been implemented throughout the organisation in everyday practice. The findings of the pre-assessment can be used by the business to identify what further work is needed to meet the requirements and also to improve the efficiency of its processes.

A ISO 19650-2 pre-assessment does not guarantee there will be no nonconformities identified during certification. Neither does it guarantee a positive recommendation. However, applicants that opt for a pre-assessment and subsequently act upon the issues raised, will have a clear understanding regarding what and how they need to implement the Information Management requirements for the BRE Global ISO 19650-2 certification audit.