We have a number of world leading BIM professionals who bring vast experience and expertise, in both implementing information management processes, undertaking BIM projects and authoring project, company, national and international standards.

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Digitising BIM

The digitisation of construction information is in its infancy. The lack of standardisation and inability to share accurate information is thwarting the effectiveness of BIM. BRE Templater and DataBook address these issues.

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What is BIM?

Building information Modelling (BIM) utilises information-rich 3D models through a collaborative working processes in order to eliminate waste and improve the quality of information provided at the design and construction phases. BIM, when used with information management, also provides the opportunity to deliver structured information for asset models which can then be utilised through an agreed process to inform FM systems.

In response to the successful use of UK and International BIM standards, public sector as well as private sector projects internationally are adopting this process.

BRE is delivering highly relevant conferences, training and certification, as well as leading the UK in BIM related research. BRE has proven expertise in delivering BIM-related services for Built Environment professionals with industry-leading BIM practitioners developing and presenting the courses.

BRE’s BIM courses and certification schemes have been developed by internationally acclaimed BIM experts who have been instrumental in developing the UK standards such as BS EN ISO 19650-1, BS EN ISO 19650-2, BS 7000-4 and BS 8541 series as well as supporting the development of ISO and buildingSMART Standards.

Benefits of Information Management using BIM

  • Reduce errors & omissions
  • Reduce rework
  • Improve collaboration
  • Reduce Waste
  • Whole life cycle management
  • Reduce cycle time of specific workflows
  • Better information for improved decision making

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BIM advisory

BRE offers support by providing a client advisory service. This service assists clients in the creation of Exchange Information Requirements (EIR) which are key to the information management lifecycle.

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BIM training

BRE Academy’s ISO 19650 training programme has been developed and is delivered by BRE’s technical experts, who are active in standards committees and have a wealth of practical experience.

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BIM certification

BRE Global has developed a scheme for individuals that offers two pathways to certification which will give customers the confidence that individuals can deliver what they need and expect. Having completed the appropriate training criteria these certification routes provide on-going, third-party assessment through a combination of audit and CPD requirements.

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BIM research

BRE has been at the centre of research which has been influential in the development of BIM.

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BRE Templater

Delivered by BRE, code by activeplan – BRE Templater is an online solution that helps manufacturers standardise their BIM product data for effective Building Information Modelling.

Hosted data templates for the construction industry provide standardised attributes or properties that can be mapped to terms for different uses e.g. human understanding, CAD, software and database technologies.

If you are a construction product manufacturer wishing to standardise your information:

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A new online tool designed to help the construction industry access and share standardised product data for effective Building Information Modelling.

A reliable way to list, search and manage standardised product data, designers can visualise concepts swiftly by using reliable information and plug-ins.

More about DataBook standardised BIM data tool

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Our team

BRE is a world leading, multi-disciplinary, building science centre with a mission to improve buildings and infrastructure, through research and knowledge generation. A key reason for BRE’s success is the quality of the staff it employs; recognising that professionals are needed to ensure high quality and due-diligence.

BRE’s BIM team are not only experienced practitioners of building information modeling (BIM) but also include chartered professionals who represent their industry bodies and contribute to National, European and International standards development as well as local communities and networks. To achieve the high quality and due-diligence expected by BRE, all of BRE’s BIM-related services are developed, delivered and maintained by construction professionals for construction professionals; building a better world together.

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