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    1 Day Professional Property Photography Course for DEA's

    1 Day Professional Property Photography Course for DEA's - This event has already finished

    9 September 2014
    BRE Watford

    An exciting course to expand your service offering. This course offers 6 CPD hours.


    Most Domestic Energy Assessors and Home Inspectors produce EPC’s and floor plans, but very few offer professional photography. Being able to offer Professional Property Photos as part of your services will put you at a distinct advantage over your competitors and generate extra profit.

    Here are four reasons why you should learn how to take professional property photos:

    1. Extra Revenue

    It makes complete commercial sense to maximise your income from each property visit. After all, you have paid for your fuel, taken the time to drive to the property, so why not have the chance of increasing your income? Good photographers that deal with high end Estate Agents in more affluent areas can charge fees of £500-£700 per day!

    2. Benefits to your clients

    Many Estate agents instruct a DEA to do an EPC, then someone else to do the floor plans and finally a photographer. Three visits, when you could do it in just one! It’s better for everyone.

    3. It’s more enjoyable

    There’s a real sense of satisfaction at producing a good set of quality photographs for someone, it certainly beats working out Area’s and calculating HLP’s!

    4. Credibility

    Providing certain standards are reached within your training, you will become accredited members of the Property Photography Academy*.  You will be entitled to use the property photography academy logo on your business cards, stationary, website and any other marketing material such as adverts and leaflets.

    This accreditation will show tangible evidence to prospective customers, of your photographic training and pedigree.

    The Property Photography Academy, teaches people of all abilities how to take fantastic property photos with intensive one day training workshops set at the BRE site.  This course is the ideal complement to your DEA course to improve your evidence technique for energy assessments, and increase and diversify your income by offering an extra professional property photography service to clients.

    This one day course is great fun, very hands on and not too much theory! It gives those attending a fantastic grounding in property photography, from camera basics through to more advanced techniques (such as elevated photography) and finally how to edit photos using the software provided.

    The course is a true master class, and at the end of the day you’ll leave with your own powerful editing software, an ideal example evidence portfolio for energy assessments and a stunning portfolio of images taken at the BRE Site.  You’ll also get a certificate and one year’s membership of the Property Photography Academy.

    Event programme

    The aim of the training day is very simple. We don’t want to teach you how to take perfect portraits, or action photos, but how to take truly outstanding professional property photos.

    The course has been structured with the complete beginner in mind and will follow a very simple and logical order. Very soon you will be taking photos you never thought possible!


    • How will this course help me?
    • Why do I need to take better photos?
    • What equipment will I need?

    The Basics

    • Commonly used photographic terms & phrases
    • Basic camera knowledge

    Property Photography

    • What makes a good photo?
    • What photos do I need?

    How to Take Professional Property Photos

    The Do’s and Don’ts

    General tips

    Interior photos

    Tips for Interior Photography

    How to take your interior photos ~ a step by step guide

    Exterior Photography

    Tips for Exterior Photography

    How to take your exterior photos ~ a step by step guide

    Processing and Editing Your Images

    Processing your images

    • Using specialist software

    Basic Editing

    • Serif X6 photo Plus Basics
    • Adjusting image Clarity
    • Correcting White/Colour Balance
    • Adjusting Brightness and Contrast
    • Exporting your images

    Specialist Editing

    • Adding a Blue Sky
    • Removing unwanted objects

    Advanced Techniques

    Elevated Photography

    Literally taking photography to new heights. This specialist form of photography can produce some stunning and eye catching results, the photos can really stand out from the countless normal photos on the ever crowded property websites and help get your property noticed.

    360 Degree Virtual Tours 

    Unlike a lot of virtual tours, which are simply manipulated still photos, we’ll show you how to produce genuine 360 degree tours. These fantastic tours allow potential buyers to get a really good view of your property before making an appointment.

    Recommended Equipment

    Whilst we supply all the necessary equipment on the course, some clients like to puchase their own cameras and equipment

    Here’s our recommended equipment list:

    • DSLR: Must have automatic exposure bracketing (AEB) we would suggest CANON 600D
    • Tripod
    • Hot shoe spirit level
    • Wide Angle Lens: Sigma 10–20mm (cheaper version) or CANON 10-22mm
    • Photo editing software: included in the course
    • Memory Card
    • Camera Bag
    • Neutral Density Filter for lens

    Cost: £299 plus VAT

    Intended audience

    Domestic Energy Assessors and Home Inspectors 

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    For more information:

    BRE Academy
    +44 (0) 333 321 88 11

    For more information

    BRE Academy
    +44 (0) 333 321 88 11