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    GRI certified training

    GRI certified training - This event has already finished

    4 - 5 December 2013
    BRE Watford

    Internationally certified sustainability reporting training course using the Global Reporting Initiative. Training provided by Total Eco Management Limited, a GRI Certified Training Partner for the UK and Republic of Ireland. This is the first G4 training in the world Approved by GRI.

    This globally accredited sustainability training develops skills to be a sustainability leader. More than 12,500+ executives across the world have become certified since 2008. Join Directors, managers, and CSR professionals from multinationals; their supply chains, leading institutions, and SME’s – recent attendees include Lend Lease, Interserve, Rockwool, Kier, Value Retail, Hammerson, Barclays, Imperial Tobacco, Finlays, Swires, Chartered Institute of Building, Southampton University, Dura Automotives, Rexam, RandGold, Subsea7, Q8, Oxfam, Arm, Oberthur Technologies, Trucost, AWE, etc


    The course identifies what sustainable businesses look like; their culture, and what metrics are universally measured. The course is designed to support both new and experienced reporters to prepare and review their reporting process. This two-day intensive course offers practical examples, presentations, interactive discussion and actual evaluation of published sustainability reports to enable participants to apply the GRI’s reporting framework. Further, it puts sustainability in context offering an overview of international and local developments and best practise.

    You will also hear about how the GRI formally harmonises with other international standards such as the UN Global Compact, Carbon Disclosure Project, OECD, IIRC etc. You will gain an overview of the latest reporting trends, and discuss case studies that enable you to see the excellence generated from continuous year-on-year improvement focused on ‘What is Material Matters’.

    Your fast track to conducting and improving your own sustainability reporting. The course is structured to maximise your learning at each stage: Participants will learn how to:

    Prepare for the GRI sustainability reporting process, understanding the key steps involved in GRI’s sustainability reporting process: prepare, connect, define, monitor and report.
    Understand the trends, benefits and challenges in sustainability reporting.
    Connect with your main internal and external stakeholders.
    Define your report content based on stakeholder input, and assess what issues are material to your organisation. Participants will develop the skills to prioritise and streamline stakeholder engagement, and use the GRI materiality principle.
    Monitor and collect the information needed for the reporting processes.
    Report your performance and prepare for publication.
    Apply the GRI ‘in accordance’ criteria and report assurance processes.

    All delegates will receive electronic versions of the GRI Guidelines, and neatly packaged learning materials including the GRI publication "The GRI sustainability reporting cycle: A handbook for small and not-so-small organisations". 

    Event programme


    Day 1

    Conceptual Introduction: An introduction to GRI, Global and UK Sustainability Context, the G3.1 Framework, the seamless transition to the G4 Framework and reporting process.

    Part 1: Plan your GRI sustainability reporting process

    Part 2: Dialogue with stakeholders

    Day 2

    Part 3: Focus your efforts
    Part 4: Build your report
    Part 5: Check and communicate
    Conclusion: End of course major exercise.

    Participants of will receive a globally recognised G4 certificates upon completion direct from GRI.

    Intended audience

    Leaders in Sustainability, Senior Executives, Managers and those with responsibility for corporate responsibility, corporate communications and investor relations.

    As part Total Eco Management Limited's sustainability policy we calculate the carbon footprint for the travel of our attendees. Additionally, TEM is award winning for its sustainability training and reporting being the first GRI Certified Training Partner to report using the G3.1 and the only one to produce an Integrated Report. A prime example of 'walking the talk'.

    For more information:

    BRE Training
    +44 (0) 1923 664462

    For more information

    BRE Training
    +44 (0) 1923 664462