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    BIPV3: Separating fact from fiction - an essential guide for designers

    BIPV3: Separating fact from fiction - an essential guide for designers - This event has already finished

    17 October 2012
    RIBA, London

    Image: Heron Tower, London. Supplied by ©Tim Soar / courtesy of KPF

    Third Building Integtrated Photovltaics conference - a joint conference between BRE and SETA Network


    Angela Brady, President RIBA, August 2012

    'Sustainability must be the heart of integrated design, from the initial concept through construction and then throughout the use of any building project with long term value.  It is core to the RIBA's mission to champion better performing buildings and a more sustainable environment through architecture and our members.

    I am delighted that the BRE are holding this important conference at the RIBA on the Building Integration of Photovoltaics.  We all need to better understand the benefits of a holistic and integrated approach to achieving improved and more certain energy and carbon performance targets for our buildings and most importantly lowering our carbon footprint.'


    Creative solar designs, properly integrated into buildings, is a concept whose time has come.

    As the UK government’s Feed-in tariff policy begins to stabilise – the retrofit solar panel ‘gold rush’ is over and with that comes several important benefits. As well as a new stability in the market, a re-evaluation of the architectural role of photovoltaic solar panels (PV) is now possible. Building owners, installers and operators are no longer totally focussed on fast profits and FIT deadlines, so there is room for architects and designers to reflect on some of the advantages of PV as a properly integrated building component.

    Building-Integrated PV (BIPV) can offer enhancement of

    • building appearance
    • solar gain control
    • thermal insulation
    • roof or facade material replacement
    • passive ventilation
    • electricity generation

    This event is your chance to engage in the most important one-day BIPV conference in the UK - it is the third in a successful series of annual BIPV days organised by BRE.

    Conference aim
    To bring together architects, suppliers and independent BIPV experts in order to stimulate a dialogue. Designers need to be confident in the products and the benefits they offer, and to understand how to specify them; whilst manufacturers will benefit from meeting potential specifiers face-to-face and gaining a better understanding of how they work and what they need in order to incorporate BIPV products into their designs.

    We want to share with you our excitement about good-looking, greener buildings, so come and explore the possibilities, talk with the experts and be part of the revolution!

    What will you gain from attending?

    • Hear the perspectives from leading industry experts
    • Gain an insight into current available BIPV building components
    • Understand the benefits of BIPV
    • Hear how previous successful systems have been designed and built
    • Understand how real systems perform
    • Gain a realistic appreciation of the reliability of BIPV systems
    • Learn how to address issues of weathering and aesthetics
    • New developments in BIPV, innovative products and the future outlook

    What are the other benefits of attending

    • A unique opportunity to meet and question leading manufacturers and experienced practitioners
    • Gain an overview of BIPV examples in the UK and Europe
    • Business opportunities through networking
    • The event counts as 7.5 hours of CPD, accredited by the Construction Providers Network and recognised by all major membership organisations

    Event programme


    Registration and refreshments 



    Keynote speech 

    Lee Polisano, President, PLP Architecture 


    Building design and BIPV

    Alistair Guthrie, Director Building Design, ARUP


    Transitioning from Sustainability 1.0 to 2.0 : from efficiencies and savings to health, productivity, restoring and healing

    Pascal Mittermaier, Head of Sustainability EMEA, Lend Lease


    Francis Crick Institute 

    Robert Studd, HOK 


    The global challenge for CO2 emissions reduction: Sustainable buildings with integration of photovoltaics

    Silke Krawietz, Director, SETA Network


    Integrating PV into buildings - the main options 

    Steve Pester, BRE 


    Q&A session  



    Refreshments and exhibition



    Case study  

    Ertex Solar


    Case study 

    Cleaner Air Solutions 


    PV glass case studies 

    Kevin Webster, Romag 


    Windows, shades & glass houses 

    Hamish Watson, Polysolar 


    Successful BIPV systems 

    Christof Erben, Fraunhofer ISE 


    Q&A session 



    Lunch and exhibition



    Understanding performance factors 

    Prof. Nicola Pearsall, Northumbria University


    Case study: Kings Cross station

    Martin Cotterell, Sundog


    BREEAM credits from BIPV

    Alan Yates, BRE


    How architects specify products - a guide for manufacturers 

    Keith Snook, BRE 


    PV and Fire - is it safe? 

    Steve Pester, BRE 





    National Solar Centre

    Ray Noble 


    Solar Power Glazing

    Kevin Arthur, Oxford PV




     This proogramme is provisonal and will be subject to change.

    Intended audience

    Architects, Architectural Technologists, RIBA, CIAT members, Engineers, Developers, Planners, PV designers, Installers, BIPV manufacturers, Distributors, Consultants and Students.

    There is a discounted rate of £95.00 for RIBA and CIAT members and students. Please contact events@bre.co.uk for the discount code or more information. 

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    For more information:

    Caroline McGill
    01923 664800

    For more information

    Caroline McGill
    01923 664800