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    Solar Shading and Intelligent Facades Conference

    Solar Shading and Intelligent Facades Conference - This event has already finished

    29 September 2011
    BRE Watford


    In today's high-tech, heavily insulated buildings flexible, effective solar shading is more important than ever  before.  Soaring energy costs and the rising summertime temperatures in our cities make it essential to consider shading at the early design stage.  Solar control needs to be considered as part of the building services package to ensure a comfortable, energy efficient internal environment.

    Solar shading has an important role to play in the refurbishment of existing buildings, too.  Today, older buildings are often required to house high-tech workplaces, with exacting glare requirements and energy intensive IT equipment.  Retrofitting solar shading can control glare and overheating, without the need to resort to expensive, energy hungry air conditioning.

    The Conference, jointly organised by BRE and the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA), will cover some of the important and complex issues that designers and consultants have to address, and describe different approaches that can be taken to achieve the best solution.

    The programme features expert speakers from the UK and Continental Europe, and includes:

    • the latest design techniques; double facades, automated shading
    • how to obtain independent design data for shading performance, including a demonstration of a free access database for designers and specifiers
    • architectural integration, with case studies of facade designs and shading in highly insulated homes
    • the regulatory context including the Building Regulations limits on solar overheating and European requirements
    • solving the problems of overheating, excessive cooling costs, heat retention and glare.



    Event programme

    09:30   Registration

    10:00   Welcome and Introduction   -   Dr Paul Littlefair, BRE

               REQUIREMENTS  (Chair:  Dr Paul Littlefair, BRE)

    10:05   SHADE Specifier: quantifying shading performance   -   Prof. Mick Hutchins, Sonnergy 

    10:35   European requirements on solar control   -   Dick Dolmans, ES-SO 

    11:05   Solar gain in the Building Regulations Part L   -   Ant Wilson, AECOM

    11:35   Coffee

               FUTURE FACADES (Chair:  Dick de Leeuw, De Leeuw Ltd/ES-SO)

    11:55   Shading in ventilated facades   -   Mikkel Kragh, Arup

    12:25   Automated shading for bioclimatic facades   -   Anders Hall, Somfy  

    12:55   Lunch in BRE Business Suite.  Demonstration of SHADE Specifier

               SHADING IN ARCHITECTURE (Chair: Andrew Chalk, BBSA)

    13:45   Solar control in the PassivHaus and Active House - Hannes Gerstmann, BVST and Peter Foldbjerg, Velux

    14:25   The architecture of shading   -   David Morley, David Morley Architects

    15:00    Tea

                SOLVING GLARE AND OVERHEATING (Chair: Dave Bush, Hallmark/BBSA)     

    15:20   The visual impact of shading   -   Dr Paul Littlefair, BRE

    15:50   Retrofitting shading; case studies   -   Cassie Sutherland, BBSA

    16:20   Chairman's remarks and Close   -   Dave Bush, Hallmark/BBSA


    For more information:

    Monica Morgan
    01923 664 800

    For more information

    Monica Morgan
    01923 664 800