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    Thermal Modelling Training

    Thermal Modelling Training - This event has already finished

    As more stringent government legislation and energy awareness lead to increased insulation levels in the fabric of buildings, heat losses due to thermal bridging become increasingly important.


    The heat loss associated with these thermal bridges is expressed as a linear thermal transmittance ‘Ψ value'.  The Temperature Factor ‘ƒ' should also be calculated to determine surface temperature and the risk of mould growth, which can have significant health implications.

    Building Regulations now require that additional heat loss be taken into account in SAP and SBEM calculations.  Where construction details do not conform to generic Accredited Construction Details, they need to be evaluated using thermal simulation software, following agreed conventions and standards.

    As of 1st October 2010, the new Approved Documents L1A and L2A require that such evaluations should be carried out by ‘a person with suitable expertise and experience'.

    BRE Training

    BRE Training is providing a course in thermal modelling plus an examination.  Upon successful completion of the course candidates will be awarded a CPD certificate in thermal modelling.

    The certificate demonstrates competence to model construction details and so determine their linear transmittance Ψ, and temperature factor ƒ.

    Event programme

    The thermal modelling course is held over two days where the focus will be on the guidance given in BR497.  At the end of the training on the second day there will be a short examination. The course does not include ‘live' modelling of details, however on completion of the training and examination each delegate will have six weeks in which to model and return the results of variants of the three validation examples given in BR497. 

    Please note: there will be a cost of £300 + VAT for the re-sit of the examination and/or re-submission of exercises.  The venue for the re-sit of the written examination will be at BRE Scotland, East Kilbride.

    Completion of Training

    By passing the written examination and submitting correct results from the thermal modelling of the three validation examples, delegates will be awarded their CPD certificate on thermal modelling. 

    The certificate will be accepted by BRE as a key requirement for membership of the BRE Accredited Thermal Modeller Scheme, which will begin in Spring 2011.

    Intended audience

    Those wishing to undertake training should satisfy the following general requirements,

    • have a good understanding of build process and how the various elements of the building fabric are put together
    • be familiar with the following basic thermal properties -
      • thermal conductivity of materials
      • thermal resistance, including the thermal resistance of airspaces
      • surface resistance
    • understand what a U-value is and be able to calculate the U-values of external building elements of walls, roofs, and floors
    • be familiar with the following publications -
      • BS EN ISO 6946
      • BS EN ISO 10211
      • BS EN ISO 13370
      • BRE IP 1/06
      • BR 443
      • BR 497

    Prospective trainees should provide a general description of their experience and state any membership they have of professional bodies and/or relevant certified training they have undergone. Please send this to train@bre.co.uk


    £1750 + VAT

    Please read:  BRE Training Terms & Conditions

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    For more information:

    BRE Training
    01923 664829

    For more information

    BRE Training
    01923 664829