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    Building Regulations Section 6 Domestic - Revision in October 2010

    Building Regulations Section 6 Domestic - Revision in October 2010 - This event has already finished

    27 August 2010
    BRE Scotland

    One day Course BRE Scotland


    This one day course on Section 6 of the 2010 Building Regulations, which are due to come into force on 1st October 2010, will offer an insight into how the new requirements will affect the compliance methodology.

    Section 6 of the Building Regulations covering Energy has been revised and will come into force in October of this year. The supporting Approved Documents and Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP 2009) have been changed to reflect this revision.

    This revision is in response to the European EPBD (Energy Performance in Buildings Directive) and the Government's ambition for zero carbon new non-domestic buildings by 2019.  To achieve this target the Government has set in place Building Regulation changes requiring a 30% improvement in energy/carbon performance (relative to current 2007 standards) for both domestic and non-domestic buildings in 2010, with a trajectory aimed at further improvements planned for 2013.

    These important revisions and key targets will make compliance more challenging and therefore BRE Training is pleased to offer a new course to help you to understand how these changes will affect you, and to become familiar with the new version of SAP. This course is specifically aimed at the requirements for domestic buildings.

    Event programme

    Understanding the revisions to Section 6 Energy for domestic buildings in Scotland:
    • Drivers for change
    • Changes made to the Regulations Sections 1 to 5
    • New notional building definitions
    • Revisions to the Building Services Compliance Guide
    • Implications for existing buildings undergoing refurbishment or change of use
    • Impact on EPCs
    • Changes to Regulations elsewhere in the UK

    Modifications to SAP, specifically:

    • SAP 2009 changes that affect all tools and impact on the user
    • SAP - the background changes in calculation

    How to get the most out of SAP, focusing on:

    • Conventions for consistency; and
    • Data accuracy

    The course includes a demonstration of the new version of SAP 2009 and a case study exercise that allows you to become familiar with the tool, with supporting guidance from our experts.

    BREG Scheme CPD Hours: 6 hrs 

    Cost:   £250 + VAT Total £293.75 per person

    BREG Accreditation Scheme Members: The course is mandatory for Approved Certifiers of Design.

    Intended audience

    Delegates who produce Building Regulations assessments and Energy Performance Certificates for domestic buildings.

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    For more information:

    BRE Training
    01923 664829

    For more information

    BRE Training
    01923 664829