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    Level 3 Award in Home Energy Advice

    Level 3 Award in Home Energy Advice - This event has already finished

    ABBE Level 3 Award in Home Energy Advice


    Why be a Home Energy Adviser?

    This award provides skills to those who wish to be able to advise and encourage home owners and landlords to achieve improved energy efficiency and sustainability in their homes. Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), energy ratings for homes similar to consumer-friendly ratings of kitchen appliances, have been compulsory at the time of let or sale of domestic properties since 2008, and this new award builds on this. Home Energy Advisers (HEAs) will use an approach similar to that used to deliver EPCs, to provide energy advice to occupiers of properties whether or not they are changing hands via sale or let.

    HEAs will visit homes to undertake an energy assessment of individual households to identify recommendations that will help to reduce costs and lower CO2 emissions. Their recommendations will not be limited to physical measures relating to a building, but will include changes to occupant behaviour to promote home energy efficiency and reduced fuel bills. The HEA will be a skilled adviser who can encourage and motivate the householders, easing the process of putting recommendations into action.

    This award has been developed in consultation with representatives from industry organisations and employers, it has been accredited by Ofqual as a Level 3 qualification in the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF). We are advised that at the present time this qualification is not approved for those wishing to advise on Government programmes such as the Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT) and Community Energy Saving Programme (CESP) and the Household Energy Management Strategy (HEMS). A full competency based qualification, suitable for this purpose, is in development by ABBE and this award will provide a stepping stone to that qualification to which no further training or examination will be required but an assessment of competency will apply.

    While this will give skills to enable you to provide an additional service to your private clients, the funding model for the provision of Home energy advice in connection with Government programmes is expected to be outlined by Government later in the year.

    Event programme

    The qualification is in three learning units and there is a multiple choice exam to be passed for each in order to qualify. The three modules are:

    Unit 1 - involves knowing how to inspect dwellings to identify their energy performance. Domestic Energy Assessors and Home inspectors will already have covered this and will be deemed to have covered this part of the Award. It will be an entry requirement for the BRE Training course that you be a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA). If you are not a HI/DEA then we offer a different course which combines DEA with HEA allowing you to qualify in both.

    Unit 2 - Know the range of property improvement measures that may apply to dwellings and when not to recommend them. Home inspectors will have already covered this but we recommend that this unit be treated as a refresher course. DEAs will need to complete this unit. This unit is available as online distance learning requiring five hours each of guided learning and private study. The content will include:

    • Property improvement measures: fabric and air tightness
    • Property improvement measures: heating, hot water and lighting
    • When specific property improvement measures should not be recommended

    Unit 3 - Know the range of additional (non property specific) information required and how it may be obtained. Anyone who has achieved the City & Guilds 6176 in Energy Awareness or the City and Guilds NVQ level 3 in Provide Energy Efficiency Services, having taken the Energy Adviser options (NVQ 6049 - 03), will be deemed to have covered Unit 3 of this award, provided they satisfy the requirements of an Experienced Practitioner as stated in the ABBE Handbook (section 1.10).

    This Unit will be delivered as a one day interactive workshop at BRE and will include:

    • Introduction to Home Energy Advice
    • Fuel poverty, health, grants and the consumer
    • Finance, payment budgeting and interpreting domestic fuel bills
    • Reference materials
    • Energy efficiency skills and promotion
    • Meters; types, reading meters, fuel cost calculations
    • Efficient, safe and appropriate use of appliances, systems and controls
    • Health, Condensation and damp


    • Members of the BRE Global Home Inspector Certification Scheme £450 (+VAT) and ABBE Exam Fee £90 (+VAT)
    • Members of the BRE Global DEA Accreditation Scheme: £450 (+VAT) and ABBE Exam Fee £180 (+VAT)
    • Non-members:Home Inspector: £550 (+VAT) and ABBE Exam Fee £90 (+VAT)
    • Non-members:DEA: £550 (+VAT) and ABBE Exam Fee: £180 (+VAT)

    You may be eligible for funding to cover the costs of your training, click here for details.

    How to book:

    Please complete the registration form and Training Booking form and send them to us together with your BREG Scheme Membership Number (for discounted fee) or a copy of your HI/DEA qualification evidence and payment.  We will then send you the distance learning materials, confirmation of training date, and joining instructions.



    Intended audience

    This programme is intended for Domestic Energy Assessors and Home inspectors who wish to provide additional service on home energy advice to their clients.

    For more information:

    BRE Training
    01923 664829

    For more information

    BRE Training
    01923 664829