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    Responsible & Ethical Leadership for Global Construction Supply Chains Conference

    Responsible & Ethical Leadership for Global Construction Supply Chains Conference

    6 November 2019
    AVIVA - London, EC3P 3DQ
    Online price £95.00 per person , plus VAT.

    The Nexus of Data, Traceability, Transparency, Disclosure

    The opportunity to learn the practical measures leading companies and organisations in our sector are undertaking to map and monitor their global supply chains and remediate where they discover evidence of illegal and unethical practices.



    Each of the 4 aspects will be addressed through:

    • Headline presentations by internationally acclaimed topic authority
    • A panel of 6 leading figures from business, government, the third sector, academia
    • Showcase ‘In Conversation” sessions; each one will feature 2 acknowledged subject leaders debating a highly relevant and topical issue
    • 30 experts speakers in 
    • Keynote by – Chris Harrop OBE, Group Sustainability & Marketing Director, Marshalls Plc

    Why attend

    • Understand the requirements of responsible and ethical sourcing in a construction
    • Understand why data and intelligence are critical to you understanding your business’s human rights risk profile
    • Learn what Traceability, Transparency and Disclosure mean in context and how they apply to your business
    • Hear peers’ responses – through case studies – and how they are seizing the opportunity to continuously improve
    • Gain insight and knowledge of the key ethical labour issues you need to address in your business
    • Appreciate the human rights responsibilities your business has to its numerous stakeholders
    • Learn what the implications, challenges and risks are for you and your business
    • Network to forge collaborations with industry leaders to create dynamic supply chain solutions
    • Discover why due diligence is critical, and the systems and processes required to implement it
    • Learn why a victim/survivor-centred approach supports everyone equally
    • Understand the vital role of recruitment practices and procurement frameworks
    • Hear from the sector’s professional institutions and membership associations
    • Learn what your obligations and responsibilities are as a sector professional
    • Gain 6 hours CPD certification

    Event programme

    Intended audience

    The symposium is for all construction sector professionals: to understand the requirements, challenges, risks, responses and opportunities the modern slavery and ethical labour agenda presents.

    The following industry professions are among those who are engaging with the symposium Director of, Head of, Lead on:

    Policy                   Sustainability                   Compliance

    Legal                    Governance                     Health & Safety

    Environment          Recruitment                    Human Rights

    Procurement          Business Development     Communications

    Human Resources   Development                  Investment

    For more information:

    Seema Sheth
    +44 (0)333 321 8811

    Online price £95.00 per person , plus VAT.
    For more information

    Seema Sheth
    +44 (0)333 321 8811