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    BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure

    BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure - This event has already finished

    12 - 14 January 2016
    BRE Watford

    Assessor training course

    Examination Day: 29 January 2016.


    BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (pilot) delegates will discover BREEAM through a blended learning approach delivered via online learning modules, classroom engagement followed by two examinations. Successful completion of this process allows you to become a fully qualified BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure Assessor, and a new member of the BREEAM family.

    Should I attend BREEAM training now?

    The single combined scheme will be an integrated and improved version of BREEAM NC Infrastructure (pilot) and CEEQUAL. This is to ensure the best aspects of both methodologies are incorporated. The integrated scheme can therefore be considered equivalent to a version update in either scheme and we plan to launch this in 2017/2018.

    Attending the pilot course will provide you with the fundamentals of the BREEAM NC Infrastructure methodology that will be key to the future approach developed by BRE Global, incorporating expertise from CEEQUAL, for assessing infrastructure assets.

    The course is beneficial:

    • If you are working on one of the existing BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (pilot) projects, assessing or complying with criteria
    • If you are an existing BREEAM buildings or CEEQUAL assessor interested in assessing infrastructure assets, either with the BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (pilot) version or with the single combined scheme being developed
    • If you are an existing CEEQUAL assessor and wish to understand the BREEAM methodology that will form a part of the single combined scheme
    • If you would like to understand the BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (pilot) methodology in order to become a qualified assessor and assess infrastructure assets.

    The following information details your journey to becoming qualified as a BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure Assessor:

    Online learning

    The training programme commences with a period of online modules, delivered through our dedicated online learning portal. You will be led on a journey into BREEAM by way of interactive content and technical presentations, which will gradually build your knowledge of the BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (pilot) scheme.

    The online learning takes 10-15 hours to complete. This must be completed before attending classroom training.

    The structure of the online learning is:

    • Module 1 – An introduction to BREEAM

    • Module 2 – The BREEAM New Construction Infrastructure (pilot) Assessment process

    • Module 3 – Technical Orientation

    Classroom training

    Following the online learning, you will attend three days of classroom based learning to consolidate your newly acquired knowledge. Through workshops and group learning activities you will refine the understanding you’ve gained through the online learning, before moving on to the more complex and technical aspects of the scheme. Each module is led by BRE technical trainers.

    The structure of the classroom course is:

    Day 1 – Consolidate knowledge on the role of the assessor, the assessment process, and the pre-assessment process.

    Day 2 – Learn about the assessment of strategic process and technical issues that inform early planning and design decisions.

    Day 3 – Focus on more complex technical issues and calculations. Time is also given to preparing delegates for the examinations.

    Revision and examinations

    After the classroom course, you are given access to mock examination papers to support your revision.

    The two examinations are held approximately two weeks after the classroom training course. Both exams are multiple choice and open book. You may refer to any notes or documentation that will assist you. You will need to pass both examinations to become a qualified assessor of the scheme.

    Please note that you must present acceptable photo identification (ID) for admission to the examination. This may be either your passport, driving licence or EU ID card. Please note that without photo ID you will not be permitted to undertake the examinations.

    Course fee

    The price of the course is £1995. (VAT will be charged to UK courses only)

    This includes:

    • All course materials

    • Both examinations

    • CPD certificate

    • Lunch and refreshments

    Please note that once qualified, to offer and carry out BREEAM assessments through to certification, your organisation must hold the relevant BREEAM licence. To become licensed, all assessors/assessor organisations are required to hold a minimum level of professional indemnity insurance. Furthermore, depending on the scheme chosen, there may be an annual fee payable to BRE Global to hold the required BREEAM licence. For more information please see our FAQ page or contact us at breeam@bre.co.uk. 

    For more information:

    BRE Academy
    +44 (0)333 321 88 11

    For more information

    BRE Academy
    +44 (0)333 321 88 11