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    Offsite Outlooks

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    11 February 2016
    BRE, Watford

    Embracing offsite and mass customisation – realising the benefits and delivering the change


    Offsite construction is crucial to the government’s strategy to increase efficiency, reduce costs and lower carbon emissions in the industry. It is also seen as an answer to delivering more homes.

    Supported by case studies, Offsite Outlooks will help clients, investors and developers to understand the investment case and the opportunities for delivering buildings and assets more efficiently and cost-effectively using offsite and modern methods of construction.

    Why you should attend

    • Learn lessons from a range of high profile companies already investing in offsite
    • Understand the full benefits of BIM
    • Learn how the supply chain can be better engaged in projects
    • Understand the client perspective
    • Network with speakers, sponsors and delegates

    Event programme

    Using case studies from major names in the construction sector, Offsite Outlooks will illustrate how offsite construction and mass customisation can help to deliver projects more efficiently and cost effectively. It will examine lean efficiency methods that are currently used in the manufacturing sector and also Building Information Modelling (BIM) as another critical tool for boosting efficiencies and cost savings. It will assess whether offsite is the answer to the housing and low carbon challenges, and will consider some of the issues for successful adoption, such as skills and mortgage products.

    Intended audience

    • Investors, Insurers and lenders looking to better understand the sector to inspire more confidence to invest
    • MMC/Offsite manufacturers and product supply chain manufactures looking to improve their own production, process sand delivery models
    • Contractors and developers looking to gain further efficiencies in their own on site project management and site management process
    • Local authorities and housing associations looking for solutions with reduced budgets.

    For more information:

    Seema Sheth
    0333 321 88 11

    For more information

    Seema Sheth
    0333 321 88 11