Buildings are responsible for
of the UK’s CO2 emissions

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium

CO2 equivalents:

The UK’s annual total CO2 emissions equals
379 MtCO2

That’s enough to fill Wembley Stadium
times over.

London’s most sustainable properties

Download images of London’s most sustainable properties with a BREEAM rating of Excellent and above.

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BRE’s BREEAM is the rating tool of choice for London. At the end of 2016, 9% (1.33m sq ft) of office space in the Capital was BREEAM certified, outperforming all other certification standards.

Press release

10 Years on from the Climate Change Act (2008), BRE Celebrates more than 20,000 BREEAM Assessed Buildings in the UK. Read the press release.

BREEAM IDM Hoover Exterior

BRE’s BREEAM New Construction provides these CO2 emissions savings against the regulatory baseline.

Predicted emissions from building services in a BREEAM Excellent building are on average 35% lower than the regulatory baseline.

The Climate Change Act (2008) received Royal Assent on 26 November 2008.

It legally commits the UK to ensure its greenhouse gas emissions for the year 2050 are at least 80% lower than the baseline 1990 baseline. BRE’s BREEAM has been driving CO2 emissions reduction since 1990.

BRE’s Home Quality Mark was launched in 2015. It rates new homes on their overall quality and sustainability, then provides further indicators on the occupants’ ‘Running costs’, ‘Health and wellbeing’ and ‘Environmental footprint’.

Since the Climate Change Act (2008), in the UK there have been a Total (Domestic and Non-Domestic Final/PCR/PCA) of

21,903 BREEAM Assessments

BREEAM is the global benchmark for buildings and communities assessment methodologies.

BRE’s BREEAM standard can be applied to any occupied building in the world. These include the new US Embassy in London, and the largest logistics premises in Europe, constructed for Amazon, in the Czech Republic. Find out more here.

BREEAM is the ratings tool of choice for London and beyond. In 2016, 9% of office space in the Capital was BREEAM certified. Office buildings assessed to the BREEAM New Construction standard, present greater CO2 emissions savings: approximately 23%, higher than the regulatory baseline. Further key BREEAM and UK carbon saving info here.