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Tri-Air Developments Ltd

A Revolution in Air and Surface Decontamination

tri_air_headerTri-Air is a revolutionary decontamination technology which kills viruses and bacteria in the air and on a range of surfaces while being safe to people and animals.  The patented technology works by creating the natural biocidal activity of outside air indoors, through the creation of a continual cascade of hydroxyl radicals.  This makes it possible to continuously decontaminate a room without requiring all the air to pass through the device and without requiring people to leave the room.  Independent tests by HPA showed a 99.9999% kill for an airborne test virus (MS2 Coliphage).  Tri-Air is highly scaleable and can be used in any internal environment where there is a risk of infection, such as hospitals, schools, homes, offices, aircraft, trains and more.

Tri-Air Developments Ltd is a joint venture between BRE, Inventa Partners and the technology inventor.