Responsible sourcing involves, in addition to meeting economic requirements, applying environmental and social criteria that will motivate suppliers to offer more socially and environmentally sustainable products and services.

Challenging abusive labour practices

Challenging forced labour has become a major issue as supply chains grow in complexity, and pressure on production costs increases. Abusive labour practices in a company’s supply chain are not only serious ethical and legal issues that undermine any commitment to dignity and human rights, but also factors that can jeopardise business performance and consumer loyalty.

We are committed to working with like-minded people and organisations. We expect our partners and supply chains to uphold the same ethical standards and act accordingly. Due diligence reviews of third parties that we may work with give us insights into whether they conduct their businesses in the responsible and ethical ways that complement the BRE Way.

BRE works only with approved suppliers who have been vetted and satisfy our selection criteria, which (in addition to questions on technical expertise and financial information) include questions relating to environmental management, responsible sourcing and commitment to equality and diversity (please refer to the BRE Approved Contractors & Suppliers Database in the BRE staff area of this site).


For example:

Q: In an informal conversation a business acquaintance from a partner organisation hints that a contractor you are currently working with may be employing illegal workers. You are very happy with the service the contractor has provided so far – meeting deadlines, effective communication, etc. Raising your concern with your Line Manager may result in delays in the project that will cost the company money.

What do you do?

A: You should inform your Line Manager and a member of the Compliance team. Turning a blind eye to the issue would go against the BRE Way and be against the law. We never compromise on ethics to achieve financial success. BRE believes in responsible growth that benefits the community we work in, and wider society.