Notifying the relevant persons and departments of concerns that you have helps us to provide support and advice and make improvements. Early notification allows us to tackle issues before they become serious widespread problems.

Don’t Be Afraid To Challenge People!

Having the courage to challenge a behaviour that seems unsafe, illegal, improper or unethical is absolutely essential. Raising awareness and inviting people to think about their actions, in an open and positive manner, is the most effective way to change their attitude. While we appreciate that it may not always be easy to do this, please remember that you have the full support of management.

On Site Reporting – How Do I report an accident?

How Do I Report An Incident?

How Do I Report A Near Miss?

How Do I Report An Accident?

How Do I Report A Traffic Accident?


If you are absent from work you should follow BRE’s absence reporting procedure. This is designed to help ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of staff, not as a policing measure. You must phone the dedicated call line, operated by an external provider, before 9 am on your first day of absence. If, due to sickness, you are unable to make the call you should arrange for someone else to do this on your behalf.

Call 01923 439455 before 9am on your first day of absence.