What is the BRE Way?

The BRE Way sets out the ethics and behaviours that we expect from our staff of more than 600 dedicated professionals, and of our associates, partners, researchers and advisors.

BRE is committed to exceptional standards of business conduct and ethics. To help achieve this, we expect everyone working for and with us to familiarise themselves with the BRE Way and bear it in mind at all times. Of course, one document cannot address every situation that you might encounter at work, and so everyone should exercise common sense and seek further guidance when needed.

Why do we need the BRE Way?

The BRE Way consolidates key elements of BRE’s wide ranging policies, in areas such as HR, health, safety & wellbeing and quality management, into a single convenient place.

It promotes a culture that emphasises honesty, integrity, respect, cooperation and excellence. It demonstrates our strong commitment to maintaining high ethical standards and doing the right thing, and helps us to ensure legislative and regulatory compliance wherever in the world we operate.

The BRE Way reflects BRE’s determination to be a responsible employer that fosters personal and professional development, and our commitment to working with third parties – associates, agents, partners, subcontractors and customers – who share values consistent with our own.

Who Does the BRE Way Apply To?

The BRE Way applies to everyone who works for, with or on behalf of the BRE Trust and its subsidiaries, including BRE and BRE Global.

Please read and follow the BRE Way. If you think it is unclear or can be improved in any way, share your suggestions with us.

Once You’ve Read the BRE Way, You Will:

  • Understand the importance of the BRE Way
  • Understand what is expected of you when working for or with BRE
  • Know how to report any issues of concern
  • Know where to find further information and support