Honesty and Integrity

Maintaining exceptional standards of honesty and integrity

We are at our core a science and research organisation and so being objective and even-handed is vital to our business. BRE Global is an assurance organisation that provides testing, certification, inspection and verification—all activities that demand independence and impartiality if the results are to have any value. Even in those areas of the BRE Group where consultancy and bespoke solutions are on offer, customers will only benefit if the information they receive from BRE is objective. Therefore it is of paramount importance that we recognise and carefully manage potential or perceived conflicts of interests in order to preserve objectivity and, in turn, our reputation.

Since even the perception of a conflict of interest can be harmful to our business, we must always be vigilant and proactive in trying to identify such situations before they might arise. The courses of action available to be taken will depend on whether a conflict situation is realised, potential or perceived.